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In My Husband’s Eyes

My husband and I recently heard the song, “Perfect” by Ed Sherran. The lyrics contain the words, “I saw my future in your eyes.” I was 19 years old one week before my husband and I married. He was an … Continue reading

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Sharing My Walk

I’m about to add this category to my list of posts. The stories I share in this group will be a bit more personal; stories of moments in my life as I’ve aged and grown in the Lord. Of course, … Continue reading

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The Answer that Never Fails

There are so many things I don’t know or understand, but of one thing I am certain. If I need an answer for myself or someone else, I always have an answer that never fails: “Take it to the Lord … Continue reading

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Let the Day Unfold

Picture this: a pretty piece of folded cloth lies before you and you know there is something amazing folded inside. You have a choice: You might hastily tug, pull, and maybe rip the beautiful cloth (a treasure in its own … Continue reading

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Into His Presence with Praise

This morning, during a conversation with the Lord, He gave me another reason He tells us to praise Him. Of course, we praise Him because He is our God (Psalm 118:28) We praise Him because He is worthy of praise … Continue reading

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This is one of the 100 stories in my book, Today’s Joy, Tomorrow’s Hope, and I hope it blesses you during this Christmas season.     Raising two sons, it was important to my husband and me that they had the … Continue reading

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and God Answered

I’ve been talking with the Lord about an issue that I have absolutely no control over; seeking His guidance, asking for His loving mercy…and He kindly answered: I was reminded that only He knows the best answer and His timing … Continue reading

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Ready to Receive

During a conversation with one of my sons about a problem I couldn’t fix, I said to him, “You know I have faith. I can look you straight in the eye and tell you in all honesty that I trust … Continue reading

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Today’s Blessings

  Each day brings each own set of blessings. Today, I am thanking God that I live in a place that has four separate and very distinct seasons. Right now, I’m enjoying a rainy fall morning. I have an electric … Continue reading

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