“This is What You Do”

Author’s Note: From 40+ years ago…just wanted to share this story of God’s gentle instruction.  I remember it so clearly and still thank God for His loving care – always!

Standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, a memory popped into my mind of the time my aunt cut the tip of her finger off. She wrapped the injured finger in a towel, placed the severed fingertip in ice, held her bleeding hand above her heart, and drove to the hospital.

Right after the memory came God’s instruction and I knew: “When you cut your finger off, this is what you do.”  Three times, this sentence was ushered into my awareness. I knew it was my Heavenly Father and responded, “Okay. When you cut your finger off, this is what you do. I know. I understand.”

Two days later, my four-year old son was “working” on his little bicycle, and two fingers were injured. The tip of his right index finger was hanging on by a tiny bit of skin and he had a deep gash in his middle finger.

When my mom saw us hurrying to the bathroom, she asked, “What do we do?”

I said to her, “Mom, I know what to do.” I wrapped his hand in a towel and asked him to hold it above his heart, and we hurried to the emergency room.

A plastic surgeon reconnected the index fingertip and sewed the gash on the middle finger. We stayed overnight in the hospital and had several follow-up visits with the surgeon.

My son is grown now and both of us know what to do “when you cut your finger off.”

God’s instruction was clear, timely, and did not frighten me. I just figured there might be a day I would cut my finger off and need to know what to do. I had no idea it would be my son’s finger, or I would have been terrified. I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father communicates with us in a way each of us can understand. After I did my part and the surgeon did his part, God took care of the actual healing of my son’s fingers.

Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble


About dorissavanover

Wife, mom, mom-in-law, and grandma, I write stories of everyday blessings - those ordinary moments that become extraordinary when we become aware of being in God's awesome presence. Recently retired, I enjoyed twenty-eight years of employment as an executive assistant to a commercial real estate broker. I'm excited to have more time to write and share the wonders of living an abundantly fulfilling life; a life of having a real relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior, the Son of our very loving Heavenly Father.
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5 Responses to “This is What You Do”

  1. T. R. Noble says:

    Amen! He is with us. He guides us in everything. I’m glad you listened to what He was instructing you to do. 🙂


    • I’ve always been amazed and very grateful for God’s constant, loving care. You would think, at this “particular age” and season of life, I’d be grateful, but not so surprised each time He talks with me. Then again, I remember, as a very young Christian woman, wanting so badly for Jesus to come visit (in person) and let me bake some chocolate chip cookies to share with Him and have a face to face visit so I could ask a million questions…. I look forward to the day I’ll know as I am known and there will be no more questions – just wonder and joy! As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and respond.

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      • T. R. Noble says:

        I hear you!! Sometimes when I’m eating I’ll invite God to join me. Listing off all the different options available wherever I am and He can have whatever He would like, even if it is a piece of what I am having. (I’ll share my chocolate bar with Him 🙂 )

        As always, you are so welcome!! 🙂


  2. Kathryne says:

    Great idea to publish that account all these years later. Our Father’s loving care of us is SO evident in your experience. And THIS is why we worship Him with passion!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kathryne, a friend of mine told me, “This is our one true purpose – to worship God” – Your words, “worship Him with passion” are so reflective of the loving relationship He allows us to have with Him. Our God is truly an awesome God! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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