A Joyfully Divine Reassurance

Okay, I know that serving my Heavenly Father is a privilege, not a chore, but still…

Raised in the fifties, I was taught to be responsible, and all the sayings that went with that lesson were repeated reminders in my childhood: “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”, “work hard”, “always do your very best”, “don’t be lazy, get up and get busy”, and “don’t waste time.” My parents were loving, nurturing and fun-loving, too. They enjoyed spending time with my brother and me. It’s just that fun came after the work was done, and work wasn’t considered “fun.”

I became a responsible adult and lived my dream of being a wife, mom, and now a grandma. As a stay-at-home mom, I kept a clean house, made homemade recipes, and took pride in my family and my home. After a few years, I rejoined the workforce and learned how to manage my time and enlist my family’s help so that our home was kept presentable, laundry was done, and meals were prepared.

That’s just what I did. First, the work, then I could relax and have some fun time.

Yesterday, standing in the kitchen visiting with the Lord, I continued our previous conversation, asking Him to show me how to serve Him, how to please Him. I’ve been waiting on His direction, thinking that I should be working on a project, something that hopefully will bring honor and glory to His name. In my mind, working involves a task of some kind, something that requires effort on my part, and will end in an accomplished goal.

My kind, merciful Father answered me with His reassurance.

He asked, “What are you doing right now?” Well, I was cooking lunch for my husband, then later, I would prepare lunch for my younger son who was coming over to visit during his lunch hour. Later that night, my granddaughter was coming over to eat dinner with us. “What about yesterday?” Well, I had gone to my older son’s house and helped him and my daughter-in-law clean and prepare for an open house before putting their house up for sale and having a new one built. The conversation continued along these lines until I understood.

I please the Lord by loving and serving my family. For me, that is not work, that’s a gift from my Father. Being surrounded by family, sharing stories, laughing together, making new memories, being part of each other’s lives, and building strong bonds of love makes my heart glad. The value of the service is not negated because it is a blessing and not a burdensome chore. Encompassed by God’s love, He gives us the desires of our hearts, and anytime a heartfelt desire is met, there is joy. Gratefully, we thank God, and when we thank Him, we are in His presence and that pleases Him, always!

Now I know, the fact is that when we try to serve Him, we are, in reality, only accepting the gifts He is bestowing on us – just because He loves us that much!

About dorissavanover

Wife, mom, mom-in-law, and grandma, I write stories of everyday blessings - those ordinary moments that become extraordinary when we become aware of being in God's awesome presence. Recently retired, I enjoyed twenty-eight years of employment as an executive assistant to a commercial real estate broker. I'm excited to have more time to write and share the wonders of living an abundantly fulfilling life; a life of having a real relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior, the Son of our very loving Heavenly Father.
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4 Responses to A Joyfully Divine Reassurance

  1. T. R. Noble says:

    What a beautiful perspective and blessing in knowing the truth. Thank you for sharing this eye-opening gift of love.


  2. Oh, I love what the Lord showed you! I need to remind myself of this! My grandmother said many of those things about idleness, etc., and so I can totally relate to your post. Thank you! ❤ ❤


    • It takes a while to hear the Lord’s whispers over the long-ago voices ingrained in our hearts by the people we loved. I think “guilt” was used more as a motivator when I was young than it is today – and I’m very thankful for that!!! Hopefully, my sons and grandchildren will remember grace beats guilt every time as they follow their own life journeys. May God’s blessings surround you today, my friend.


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