The Best Sandwich Ever

Eight years ago:  Sitting in our backyard gazebo, my ten-year old granddaughter asked, “Grandma, why do you wait on Papa?” I knew she was referring to the fact that each night, at eight o’clock, I take my husband a cold soft drink. Instead of seeing it as part of our routine together, she saw it as her grandma “waiting on” her papa.

“I wait on him for the same reason I wait on you. I love you and it makes me happy to do things for the people I love.”

“Oh, so you want to do things for us?” From her expression, that must have seemed a bit weird, but she let the subject drop.

A few weeks later, I mentioned that I needed to go out to the workshop and ask her papa what he wanted on his sandwich for lunch. Hurrying out the door, she said, “I’ll ask him, Grandma.” Back inside, she told me, “I want to make his sandwich.”

I watched as she carefully sliced the tomato very thin – just like she knew Papa liked it. Washing and drying the lettuce, stacking the ham slices perfectly on the light toast, and picking just the right pickle out of the jar took a few minutes. Setting the plate, napkin, and glass on the table took a few minutes more. With a huge grin, she headed out the back door. “I’ll go tell Papa it’s ready now.”

She watched closely as her papa sat down, noticed the way his place was set, and how carefully the sandwich was placed on his plate, and took his first bite.

If only I’d taken a photo just to catch a glimmer of the happiness radiating on that girl’s face when her papa said, “You know, I think this may be the very best sandwich I’ve ever had!”

Of course, my heart was singing, too. Our granddaughter gave her time and efforts to make someone else happy and experienced the joy of caring for and being kind to others.

Tonight, this sweet granddaughter is graduating from high school, and we will be making more happy memories to treasure for a lifetime!  Please God, watch over her, guide her steps, and let her always know the comfort of your steadfast and amazing love! In Jesus’s name, I pray.





About dorissavanover

Wife, mom, mom-in-law, and grandma, I write stories of everyday blessings - those ordinary moments that become extraordinary when we become aware of being in God's awesome presence. Recently retired, I enjoyed twenty-eight years of employment as an executive assistant to a commercial real estate broker. I'm excited to have more time to write and share the wonders of living an abundantly fulfilling life; a life of having a real relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior, the Son of our very loving Heavenly Father.
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